A year ago

29 Mar

“I want something amazing”
“Something like a crystal or anything”
“And I want to put this uniform off already”
Any words come up in my mind
bring back some memories

Happiness and sorrow
I tried to feel both in that school
I acted weird and different
I hurt some people
I got some bad attitude
I got some things I really wanted to
I had fun with these differences
I had my own freedom
I gained my weird and rare experiences
I wasn’t join any circle I didn’t want to
I’m sure I lied for being hurt
Seems like my tears didn’t get along with my mind

I really don’t know what is a real happiness
I want something different and unpredictable
I try to make sure that I’m useful
I try not to hurt those weak feelings
So that I can feel that thing called ‘true happiness’
And my time in that school was almost up

Ah, that day was boring as usual
No teacher and no lesson
The wind made me feel alone that way
Outside the classroom, they sat beside me
Their jokes were really really bad
I tried not to laugh with them
But I couldn’t

They weren’t really smart
Sometimes they were late,
skipped the class,
or went to the canteen
Some of them didn’t like me
Some of them cared about me
They sat at a left side from teacher’s vision
Talked about anime or any of that,
And then thought some jokes
The leader cared about everyone

If I could tell a truth,
I really had fun already with them.
I just acted being hurt with some bad words from outside.
It’s really too late to realize it.
I already lost them.
We have our own way.
We don’t need spend any time to feel this way
There are some reason why a person isn’t enough
And, I miss you guys.

Let me know when you have a free time.
Text me anytime in line…(shinaruki)
I’m sorry for my bad grammar

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